Welcome to The I CAN System Course!

Are you ready to begin this insightful course and connect with your child like never before? In this course, you’ll discover how your thoughts lead to common parent traps that disconnect you from your child.

Completing this course will help you:

  • Identify clear family values
  • Get grounded by using the I CAN Journal
  • Respond with a focus on long-term results
  • Learn emotional maturity and respond to their child’s behavior thoughtfully
  • Gain independence as they decide how to effectively respond to their child’s behavior using the I CAN System.
  • And ultimately create a connection with their child

Behavior Detective Training

As part of this course, you will become a behavior detective and discover behavior cycles unique to you and your child. Once you apply the I CAN System, you can create a plan that works. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to connect meaningfully with your child.